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What you can expect from an EffCom solution for securities settlements:


  • Model of the complete life cycle 
  • Fast time-to-market for new products
  • Cost savings through automated workflows
  • Straight-Through Processing
  • Audit-compliant application 
  • Flexibility due to multi-client capability
  • Established, stable software


Our software has to meet these demands and reflect the current and future market requirements. Prepare yourself for the future challenges of this constantly changing economic environment.


Take advantage of a solution from the market leader in the technical processing of securities and other securitized liabilities.


Please find below an excerpt from our service portfolio:


Interfaces (for STP and Time to Market):


  • WM-Datenservice (the German national numbering agency for ISINs)
  • derivateXXL (Börse Stuttgart and ZertifikateBörse Frankfurt)
  • Bundesbank (issue reports, stock reports and transaction reports)
  • Bafin (MVP)
  • OeKB
  • eBanz
  • In-house applications and databases (Trading systems, Data Warehouse, etc.)




  • Improved workflow flexibility (email, print-outs, approvals and releases, interface- specific delivery, file creation)
  • Production of documents: Creation of term sheets, final terms, certificates, PIBs, PRIBs


Types of securities:


Bearer securities:


  • Certificates
  • Warrants
  • Plain vanilla bonds
  • Covered bonds (Pfandbriefe) (Mortgage-backed, Ship, Public sector etc.)
  • Participating notes


Registered bonds:


  • Promissory notes
  • Regsitered covered bonds 
  • Registered participating notes
  • Registered bonds


Life Cycle Management:


  • New issue process (Interfaces and automatic mailing)
  • Interest fixing, terminations, partial redemption, extraordinary redemption, principal paydowns
  • Knock Outs, Maturity Settlement
  • Corporate Action
  • Event date/Deadline monitoring (integrated and automatic)


Booking and accounting:


  • Provision of data for the creation of annual report documentation according to HBG (German Commercial Code) and IRFS requirements
  • Automated booking: e.g. premium or discount accruals (linear or effective interest rate), accrued interest, interest and capital provision postings etc.


Changing processes, new products and seamless communication - all of these things demand that our IT solutions are highly flexible. Using our competitive solution guarantees that you too will thrive in today’s market.


Our success with customers, partners and our staff has shown us we are right on track.

Trust us and our experience and contact us today. We would be happy to advise you on this rapidly changing business and give you the support you need. 


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