Solutions for promissory notes and registered securities

The processes surrounding Promissory Notes and Registered Securities offer particularly great potential for digitisation. Using EffCom Plausive for these processes means you will be fully prepared for all future requirements.

Business with promissory notes and registered securities continues to be highly attractive. We offer you convenient solutions for straight-through processing (STP) for the many related processes.

Just some of the benefits you can expect from us include:


  • Cost savings and reduction of operational risks through automated workflows and automatic escalation if process steps are not completed on schedule.
  • Web client with the option of recording basic data from master data/meta data or business data, e.g. while trading, which can then be finalised and further processed in the back office.
  • Deadline monitoring, e.g. for monitoring the receipt of acknowledegments, receipt of funds, return of certificates at final maturity, etc.
  • Storage of all documents in an audit-proof manner in the electronic archive, in order to reduce or even eliminate the need for paper files.
  • Comprehensive business partner management, e.g. for the storage of legally correct company names, various contact persons for correspondence and information on correspondence language, bank details, etc.
  • Changes only need to be made once due to linkages between business partners, trades and static data/master data.
  • Documents such as business confirmations, certificates, dispatch letters, assignments, trust deeds etc. are created fully automatically and, if required, multilingually, depending on the correspondence language with the business partner.
  • Balance confirmations, remittance notes for interest and principal payments, etc. can be generated automatically with the corresponding calculation of the relevant amounts.
  • Execution of interest and capital postings to investors via an interface on request
  • Possibility to submit queries to your in-house tax system and process responses for consideration of potential tax deductions when paying capital or interest to investors
  • Reporting interface to the Deutsche Bundesbank for reportable registered securities, e.g. registered bonds
  • Settlement of both own and third-party promissory notes and registered securities

And also issues that make the handling of registered securities more complicated in practice, e.g.


  • Interest calculation after (partial) assignments during a current interest period, or the
  • Consideration of different dates for interest payments in the case of early redemptions

are no problem for us and included as standard.

Our solution meets the requirements of current and future requirements and equips you for a wide range of challenges in a constantly changing market environment.

AktionsContainer - The tool for mapping your company's processes


  • Mapping of flexible workflows (emails, print-outs, approvals and releases, interface deliveries, file creation etc.)
  • Uncomplicated and independent adaptation of the workflow configuration to changed or new processes
  • Simple and flexible mapping of your company's processes via our software solution
  • More security through automation
  • Configuration of automatic notifications, e.g. to inform about individual process steps
  • Configuration of automatic escalation processes, e.g. for process steps not completed on schedule
  • Document preparation: business confirmations, deeds, term sheets, letters of assignment etc.
  • Creation of document templates, which are used automatically and rule-based in the workflow for document generation. In this case it is possible to create legal documents automatically using your own corporate design in addition to official letters and other correspondence. The possibilities range from business confirmations and certificates to term sheets, interest and capital notifications, etc.

And if something should change in the processes in your company, then there is no need for a developer or even a software exchange - you can configure everything yourself independently via the AktionsContainer.

In addition, we can deliver the AktionsContainer with a standard configuration. This enables a fast setup and an immediate benefit through the automation of your processes.

Types of securities


  • Promissory note loans
  • Registered bonds
  • Public registered mortgage bonds
  • Registered mortgage bonds
  • Registered ship bonds
  • Registered participating notes/silent participation

All these securities can be mapped, from the simple plain vanilla issue to the structured product.

Changing processes, new products and  communication free from media discontinuity/media-break-free communication - all this requires our solutions to be flexible. With our competitve solution, we guarantee that you will be able to survive in today's market.

Put your trust in our experience and contact us. We look forward to advising you on this constantly changing sector and give you the support you need.

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