Your materials management solution – manage material and customer data in one system with the cRM integrated Faktura module

Handle your goods and records with ease and have real-time knowledge of your stock levels.

The comprehensive Faktura module for combit Relationhsip Manager enables the complete modelling of a materials management business in cRM.


How you can benefit from an EffCom Faktura solution:


  • Increased productivity: Smooth workflows and integrated business processes in one system
  • Time and cost savings: User-friendly functions, reduces time spent on initial on-the-job training
  • Pure flexibility: Both systems allow for indiviual and operational adjustments
  • Overview and control: Centralised adminsitration of data, correspondence, goods and records transactions 
  • Increased security. No extra program installtion necessary

The key advantage of this solution is its ability to centrally manage all information concerning specific customers and orders in one system. Consequently, daily tasks become easier and you can see the latest information status updates within seconds.


Highlights of your Faktura solution:


  • Managing goods, records, orders, multiple warehouses, suppliers, incoming payments
  • Comprehensive import and export formats 
  • Lists of items, serial number management, batch management
  • Reminder mechanism 
  • Statistics and reports
  • Filing documents and records

A number of warehouses and suppliers can be easily managed at the same time using the materials management system. Thanks to an intelligent document and records filing system, data can be pulled up at any time or can be searched using special key words.

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