EffCom Textation

Use Case Scenarios

EffCom Textation - Automation of word processing for industry 4.0

Documents such as offers, contracts, instructions or reports are often complex and extensive. The content is often legally significant and critical to the success of the business. Therefore, the quality of the documents is vital for commercial success. In addition, as a rule, several people create content for a document. This content must therefore be monitored and, if necessary, approved via a defined process. In addition, a large amount of this content may already have been previously created, at least in a very similar form, and already reviewed. In EffCom Textation, the intelligent word processor both structures and optimizes these processes and thus enables teamwork on complex documents.

„Traditional word processing systems are simply modern type writers“ 


The aim of word processing was to replace the typewriter. Therefore, the typical word processing program has functions to create, edit and check the spelling of texts. Layout functions such as automatic directories, tables or the insertion of graphics complete the document - too little for the requirements of automated, structured team work.

„With EffComTextation the processing time is reduced while quality and traceability are improved“

EffCom Textation is an integrated, database-driven word processing solution that combines the assignment, creation, modification and review of texts and documents in secure, controlled processes.

  • Automated workflows for creating, approving and exchanging information
  • Compliance with internal guidelines and legal requirements
  • Cooperation through clearly defined responsibilities
  • Secure, database-driven creation and archiving

The result: a time saving of up to 70% when creating and changing documents. EffCom Textation revolutionizes document lifecycle management with functions such as parallel editing at paragraph level, drag & drop of (approved) text modules and automated workflows.

Deployment Scenarios & Use Cases

EffCom Textation is flexible and scalable. This means that EffCom Textation can be used by small companies with few employees as well as large companies with multiple locations and several thousand employees. EffCom Textation is a solution that creates optimal conditions for a wide variety of industries and can be used wherever documents are edited, managed and released.

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