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Benefits and Functions


Become part of evolution, rethink the way you manage documents and join us in the future of automated word processing.

Save time and money when creating documents - while ensuring (legal) security

EffCom Textation enables a fully automated process for creating documents. Organizational units of all kinds that are responsible for the development and maintenance of legally binding and often high-liability documents, can benefit in particular from full automation. The fully-automated process includes the creation, the change management, the approval and the publication of the documents in print and online. Thanks to a database-driven content management and its merging into complete documents, a transparent and secure process is created that reduces processing and throughput times while preventing errors.

Selected Features of EffCom Textation:

  • Custom management of documents thanks to graphically freely configurable workflows, from editing through to approval (dual check principle) and publication
  • Sophisticated authorization and role concept
  • Changes to texts are automatically recorded
  • Inheritance function of text changes to other documents
  • Integrated deadline monitoring and dashboard for the lifecycle management of documents
  • An electronic archive for a quick overview of individual content, complete documents as well as the complete communication thread. This allows for a structured approach to your work while ensuring audit-proof archiving
  • Integrated translation workflow that guarantees documents are translated completely - existing translations for texts used several times are automatically transferred correctly
  • A powerful migration tool for existing documents

EffCom Textation enables the automated creation of documents with a user-friendly and secure system. Straight-through processing, fast data availability and short lead times for publication and digitisation, save time and reduce costs. Change tracking, deadline monitoring and audit-proof archiving (including an audit trail) create security.


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