The benefits of EffCom Plausive are measurable

Through the use of standard software:

  • Ongoing adaptation to legal, regulatory and technological requirements as well as market innovations within the scope of service and maintenance
  • Investment security and a fast ROI
  • Benefit from over 30 years of practical experience with the software
  • Participate in ideas and further development through the " community ", since many ideas and features find their way into the standard software.
  • Short implementation times

Due to a multitude of possibilities for automation:

  • Reduction of manual interventions and therefore effort
  • Faster processes thanks to Straight Through Processing (STP)
  • Reduction of errors and consequently less cases of loss, no matter whether due to errors in the data or manual activities

As a result of the product features included:

  • The powerful workflow component EffCom AktionsContainer enables you to set up and adapt your processes flexibly and without software exchange.
  • Create and change document templates yourself with the integrated EffCom Designer.
  • The integrated deadline monitoring (based on the product master data) makes separate deadline maintenance in third-party systems such as Outlook obsolete, e.g. for termination options or fixing deadlines.
  • Electronic Archive- Documents and e-mails can be archived in a structured and audit-proof way in the EffCom Plausive Electronic Archive, which results in high transparency and sooner or later makes the use of paper files unnecessary.
  • Multi-client capability - i.e. logically separated data storage, so that different organizational units can manage their own individual data and work independently of each other.

This list shows just some of the advantages you can expect. Have we sparked your interest? Further information can be found in our Solutions section. Or simply contact us.

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