Interface tool for EffCom Plausive

EffCom Plausive interface module for fully automated communication with internal & external financial service providers for stock exchange listings of certificates and other derivative products.

derivateXXL is an initiative by companies who are involved in the life cycle of securitized derivatives. Theses companies have developed a common format for the efficient exchange of securities master data.

For this, the two leading stock exchanges for securitised derivatives in Germany, Stuttgart Börse (EUWAX) and Frankfurt Börse Zertifikate and WM Datenservice, EffCom and selected issuers have collaborated to create an interface standard for as many market participants and as many products as possible.

The main principle of this initiative is to automate the listing process on the EUWAX and the ZertifikateBörse Frankfurt as well as the automated processing of master data for securitized derivatives. 

The current focus is on products with high volumes such as bonus and discount certificates, Knock-out products, plain vanilla options and classic reverse convertible bonds in order to cover a high proportion of new emissions. A possible further development scenario would be the extension of the product range or the support of Life-Cycle-Management.

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