"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

We develop software that meets the requirements of our customers and is better than the market requires. To simply keep up is not good enough for us. Our motto and strategy is to be one step ahead and lead from the front. That’s why we are active, flexible, fast and always have our ear to the ground to keep track of the smallest changes to the market.

This principle and our drive for quality has been our key priority since 1983. A strong, reliable team and our expertise create the basis for our satisfied customers and our long-term success.


We target our know-how at selected special fields. In this way we have successfully positioned ourselves with German, Austrian and Swiss banks and companies and with our first customers worldwide.



  • Software for the settlement of securities in the financial industry. EffCom Plausive is the market leader in German banks.
  • Software for the workflow guided creation of documents. EffCom Textation is the new kind of industrial word processing for the industry 4.0


Both fields increasingly demand cusomtized solutions that we manage in our project business. We are an experienced partner in this business and would be happy to provide references.

100% of EffCom AG shares are held in the company and are not listed on the stock exchange.